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ePub Maker, the only practical Word to ePub publishing solution.

Support tables, images, footnotes, auto-TOC, auto-chapter-split!
Professional look, clean source code, valid epub in one click!

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Latest Version: 1.8 [Supports Win10]

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More Than Word to ePub Converter

The value of ePub Maker is not only a wonderful Word to ePub converter.

ePub Maker provides a new easy way of epublishing composing, which make full use of your existing word processor MS Word as editor, so that you needn't buy or learn any particular epublishing editor. At the same time, ePub Maker generates 100% valid epub file passing epubcheck(most other converters can't), so that you can avoid many troubles in publishing.

Professional ePublishing Solution

ePub Maker, practical and low cost epublishing solution.

By converting Word to epub easily and perfectly, ePub Maker is an easy-to-use and professional tool for making eBooks and republishing your public document from MS Word and webpages.

Now you can easily release an epub together with your PDF publication.

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User Comments

So easy to use and worked perfectly for what I need. The ePub file is working PERFECTLY on my NOOK. --- Dawn

I have published four books created by ePub Maker in the last two months. --- Peter

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